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Our mother whose name is Doris Toves Blas was born March 1, 1952, and raised in the village of Toto. She lived for nearly seven decades in Guam and lived amongst the villages of Tamuning and Piti. She married our father James Cabrera Blas on October 9, 1993. Together they had six children three boys and three girls with a total of thirteen grandchildren and one great-granddaughter whom they have not had the chance to meet.

Our mother lived a wonderful life. She was the greatest mother and Nana anyone could ever ask for. She also was the best wife she could be to our father. Although they had such a unique relationship, they both built a concrete foundation for us to build on. Today we continue to strive and put into place what she has taught us. 


She was a very simple woman, a woman who enjoyed simple things in life. She may have had minimal education, but she succeeded in raising all her beautiful children. She was a woman who knew how to do many things in life. A woman who taught us the many things we know how to do today. Our mother was smart and hard-working. She was a go-getter, one who would strive to learn and do new things. She was a woman who shared her knowledge and was always happy to help others any way she could.


Our mother was full of energy, she had energy that would last for days. She is the strongest woman we know. She had a generous and loving heart for many things. She loved people and making new friends. People had so much respect and admiration for her. She loved to dance and basically was the life of the party. Her presence had this certain type of glow. Her humor was just incredible. Anyone who spent time with her or carried on a conversation loved how down to earth she was.


Our mother loved plants, most especially orchids in which she had a yard full of them. You know how distinct and vibrant orchids are, well our mother was exactly that. To us she was like an orchid, she was beautiful and easy to care for. She beautifully bloomed each time. Our mother never liked to be alone. She loved company most especially from her children and grandchildren. She was always happy to see us together. The celebration of a special occasion at her house was what she

truly loved. As time went by and each of us found our own lives she started to house and raise dogs. They seemed to keep her busy, so she was never lonely. She had a house full of them and she loved and cared for them so much.


Our mother fought the hardest fight in her life and while she was fighting, she refused to burden us in any way. She was gentle, peaceful, and reminded us to always love and care for each other no matter what.

Although their time has come to live their angelic lives in heaven our memories of them will be cherished forever. Today we still hold them close to our hearts and know that they continue to secretly do what they do best and that is to watch and protect us from the heavens above.

We love and miss you so much Mom!


Love your children, grandchildren, great-granddaughter and all your fur babies.

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