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Celebrating Life

The memorial services industry is often viewed in an unpleasant light; however, we aim for families to feel at peace and find clarity with departing life. Honoring legacies is a celebration of life. Shifting to a life-centered perspective, the focus is not on the passing of the person, but on the joy that the person brought to others.

A Virtual Home

A.L.O.T.'s service was inspired by family legacies slowly being lost after one departs life. When one is laid to rest, their headstone or memorial marker typically features their name, birthdate, and date of passing, which does not highlight their story of their life. A.L.O.T. creates a safe space for families to keep their memories and stories in a virtual ‘home’ utilizing modern technology. 

Storytelling is a core aspect of culture in the Marianas. Telling and writing stories is how histories are passed down, how customs are shared, and how traditions become unique to a people. Along with histories, traditions, and customs; legends, family values, history, recipes, and wisdom are also passed down from generation to generation. Losing any of these is losing parts of ourselves. Rooted from this cultural aspect, A Legacy Over Time (A.L.O.T.) brings modern technological memorialization for preserving family legacies to be shared and passed on for generations.


The Legacy Program

A Legacy Over Time’s (A.L.O.T.) personalized memorial legacy service is for families to honor and commemorate the legacies of departed loved ones and/or begin building their legacies for the generations that follow. We cannot control how or when we depart life, but we can create how we want to be remembered. These personalized memorial legacies keep the memory of our loved ones alive and shares with others the story of their lives.


The Legacy Program is the personalized memorial legacy webpage that highlights information family members provide about a loved one or themselves (Living Legacy). The program highlights information such as the biography, several snapshots of life events and experiences, links to social media accounts, the obituary, and geotag of final resting place of the legacy commemorated. 

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