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Remembering A. L. O. T.

A Legacy Over Time

About Us

A Legacy Over Time (A.L.O.T.) specializes in unique personalized memorial legacies utilizing technology. A.L.O.T.'s service was inspired by family legacies slowly being lost after one departs life. 


A Legacy Over Time (A.L.O.T.) was developed with a clear goal for families to preserve their family heritage, history, values, and culture for past, present, and future generations.

Family Photos/Memories

Leave a legacy for generations to come, through...


Snapshots of Life Events and Experiences

Geotag of Memorial Resting Place

Links to Social Media Accounts

Family History


Honoring legacies is a celebration of life...

"Being able to scan the code when visiting my grandmother and reading and seeing photos of her always makes me tear... Tears of joy and peace. So thankful for this service! Now my children will learn more about their great-grandmother."

- Isabel C.

"My brother was the most humble man I've known. To honor his legacy through technology will give any who visit him a glimpse of just how great of a person he was... Thank you A Legacy Over Time." 

- Joseph S.

"What a beautiful way to honor our family legacies. Grateful to have a way to teach our younger generations about our loved ones who are at peace now..."

- Marie N.

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